Sharp AL-1644 Driver Free Download

Sharp AL-1644 Driver Download – The Sharp AL-1644 is a monochrome multifunction printer, scanner, and copier designed for a single-user home or office environment. This printer can handle a large range of paper sizes which should make it suitable for professional monochrome printing for office uses and has an internal tray that is designed to keep space usage confined to the footprint of the device, making it ideal for small home office use. The Sharp AL-1644 prints and copies at a reasonable speed and functions as a high-quality color scanner. This model is no longer available new, though it might still turn up as a refurbished or used unit.

Sharp AL-1644 Driver

The Sharp AL-1644 can print up to 12 pages per minute and copy up to 16 pages per minute on A4 paper with a standard resolution of 600 dpi. This printer is a bit larger than many other printers from this time frame, at 59 cm x 57.7 cm x 65.3 cm. Optical scanning resolution can go up to 600 x 1,200 dpi, with interpolated scanning at up to 9,600 dpi. The printer connects through a parallel or USB 1.1 interface and does not come with onboard networking. Sharp AL-1644 toner is sold as either a cartridge or a refill kit with drums available separately. The AL-1644 only supports Windows, with no support for Linux or Mac OS X.

This older printer can be a great choice for individuals looking for a multi-function machine that will work with an old version of Windows at home. The lack of networking can make the printer simple for a single user to run, and the separate but easy-to-find Sharp AL-1644 cartridge and drum assemblies make keeping this printer running inexpensive. The Sharp AL-1644 has a good set of features for an older multi-function machine and could serve a single user who needs to print frequently quite well. This printer supports quite a few paper types, which could be a real asset for some users.

The Sharp AL-1644 is not particularly compact or low on energy usage, which may end up being an issue in a confined space. This printer won’t work with newer operating systems, and Windows-only support excludes many people with computers that don’t run Windows. In general, most users who can find something that will work with their machine would probably be better served by a more modern multi-function printer.

The Sharp AL-1644 is a digital laser printer with print, copy and scan functionality. This multifunctional device allows you to print in A4 at up to 12ppm and copy in A3 at up to 16cpm. The compact AL-1644 will sit on your desktop printing at a resolution of 600 dpi and is ideal for small office use. When it comes to Sharp AL-1644 toner cartridges it isn’t always clear where to find the best deal. Here at Cartridge Save, we aim to take the hard work out of buying Sharp AL1644 toners. Firstly, our stock of discount Sharp AL-1644 laser toners saves you from having to pay inflated high street prices. Secondly, we match the correct cartridges to your machine and update you on our stock levels. This quick and easy order process means that you no longer have to hunt around crowded high street stores only to find that they don’t stock your Sharp AL-1644 cartridge.

Sharp AL-1644 Driver Installation for Windows

Follow the steps below to install the PPD driver using the Add Printer Wizard.

  • Download the software and save the extracted files in any folder.
  • Click the [Start] button, select [Settings] and then click [Printers].
  • Double-click the [Add printer] icon.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

Sharp AL-1644 Driver Installation for Macintosh

  • Insert the “Software CD-ROM” into your computer’s CD-ROM drive.
  • Double-click the [CD-ROM] icon on the desktop and double-click the [MacOSX] folder.
  • Then double click the folder corresponding to the versions of the operating system.
  • Double-click the [MX-PKX] icon and click the [Continue] button.
  • The License Agreement window will appear. Make sure that you understand the contents of the license agreement and then click the [Continue] button.
  • Select the hard drive where the PPD file will be installed and click the [Continue] button.
  • Click the [Install] button and when the message “The software was successfully installed” appears in the installation window, click the [Close] button.
  • Select [Utilities] from the [Go] menu.
  • Double-click the [Printer Setup Utility] icon and click [Add].
  • Configure the printer driver.
  • Display printer information.
  • Select the machine configuration.
  • Select [Installable Options].
  • Then select the options that are installed on the machine.
  • Click the [Apply Changes] button.
  • Click to close the window.

Installation Sharp AL-1644 Scanner Driver

  • Click the [Scanner Driver (TWAIN)] button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • When the finish setup window appears, click the [OK] button.
  • Click the [Close] button in the window of step 1.
  • Then click the [start] button, select [All Programs] ([Programs] in Windows 98/Me/2000), select [SHARP MFP TWAIN K], and then select
  • [Select Device].
  • Click the [Search] button.
  • Select the IP address of the machine from the “Address” menu and click the [OK] button.
  • Click the [OK] button.

Sharp AL-1644 Driver and Software Download

Operating System Download
Sharp AL-1644 GDI Print and TWAIN Driver Windows 64-Bit         Download
Sharp AL-1644 GDI Print and TWAIN Driver Windows 32-Bit               Download