Sharp MX-7500N Driver & Software Download

Sharp MX-7500N Driver & Software Download – The Sharp MX-7500N high-performance color document systems offer exceptional productivity, professional features & world-class image quality at boosting to 75 ppm. Suitable for busy in-plant and on-demand workflow environments, these new models incorporate a versatile, modular design with a variety of supported media and powerful output functions that can help your business produce more jobs under one building and improve profitability.

Sharp MX-7500N Driver

Assisting the latest Sharp OSA (R) development platform, the Sharp MX-7500N makes integration with network applications & cloud services incredibly easy. Sharp’s advanced security platform, incorporates standard 256-bit data encryption and overwrites protection to guard your business’s intellectual property. And when it comes time to trade in, a convenient End-of-Lease feature can erase all job data & using data.

Sharp MX-7500N has been a popular Sharp printer product that people want to buy. This is because this printer must be kind of high volume machine which has the quick printing ability. Both for black and color, its speed is about 75 ppm with the first copy time is in 5.1 seconds; you need to warm it up for about less than 2 minutes though before copying the data.

Sharp MX-7500N is very appropriate for the publishing company since it could hold the papers up to 13.500 sheets. Same as the other Sharps, MX-7500N could be used for scanning and send a fax that has TIFF, PDF, XPS, PDF/A, and encrypted PDF file format. This kind of printer is supported by Sharp’s OSA interface technology and the 15.4″color touch screen which allows the user adds such shortcuts to get an easy accessibility.

Even though this printer has the paper capacity up to 13.500 paper sheets, Sharp MX-7500N would only hold the paper which size is 12″ x 18″. Talking about the wireless connectivity, this MX-7500N model does not support it. However, it supports the use of Ethernet connectivity. It also features the standard USB connectivity.

You might not be able to print data from your mobile if you use Sharp MX-7500N but you may find it strong on energy saving features including RoHS compliant and Energy Star certified. Finally, this Sharp printing model, MX-7500N has many different ink colors like black, yellow, blue, red, etc. That allows you to print the data both in the black and colored copier.

Sharp MX-7500N Features

  • 150-sheet Duplex Sole Pass Feeder (DSPF) works documents up to one hundred and fifty images per minute
  • Edge-to-edge printing permits operators to output high quality, full-bleed booklets in-line, assisting to reduce outsourcing costs as well as production time.
  • Large 15. 4″ (diagonally measured) touchscreen provides comfortable access to features and provides operators more control over job management
  • Sharp’s Color Consistency Program offers premium quality color output and retains optimum color balance and toner denseness
  • Sharp’s exclusive triple air-feed paper handling option provides higher trustworthiness for maximum uptime as well as increased mass media support and is also nearly maintenance-free.
  • True 1200 times 1200 dpi printing with 8-bit processing provides beautiful images and increased quality for fine details.

Sharp MX-7500N Toner Cartridges

  • MX62NTBA Black
  • MX62NTCA Cyan
  • MX62NTMA Magenta
  • MX62NTYA Yellow
  • MX62NRSA Drum
  • MX62NVBA Developer
  • MX62NVSA Developer

Sharp MX-7500N Supported OS

  • Windows XP/Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2/2012, Windows Vista. Windows 7, 8
  • Mac OS 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8

Sharp MX-7500N Wireless Setting

Configure settings to connect the network using a wireless connection
[Configure (Access Point Mode)] key
If the [Settings] button is touched while [Connection Type Switching] is set to [Wired+Wireless (Access Point Mode)]or [Wired Only], the Wireless Settings (Access Point Mode) screen is displayed.
[Configure (Infrastructure Mode)] key
If [Connection Type Switching] is set to [Wireless (infrastructure mode)] and the [Settings] button is touched, the infrastructure mode wireless setting screen is displayed.
[Initialize] key
Touch this key to reset wireless settings to the factory default.

Installing Sharp MX-7500N Printer for Windows

  • Follow the steps below to install the PPD driver using the Add Printer Wizard.
  • Download the software and save the extracted files in any folder.
  • Click the [Start] button, select [Settings] and then click [Printers].
  • Double-click the [Add printer] icon.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

Installing Sharp MX-7500N Printer Macintosh

  1. Insert the “Software CD-ROM” into your computer’s CD-ROM drive.
  2. Double-click the [CD-ROM] icon on the desktop and double-click the [MacOSX] folder.
  3. Double-click the folder corresponding to the versions of the operating system.
  4. Double-click the [MX-PKX] icon and Click the [Continue] button.
  5. The License Agreement window will appear. Make sure that you understand the contents of the license agreement and then click the [Continue] button.
  6. Select the hard drive where the PPD file will be installed and click the [Continue] button.
  7. Click the [Install] button and when the message “The software was successfully installed” appears in the installation window, click the [Close] button.
  8. Select [Utilities] from the [Go] menu.
  9. Double-click the [Printer Setup Utility] icon and click [Add].
  10. Configure the printer driver.
  11. Display printer information.
  12. Select the machine configuration.
  • Select [Installable Options].
  • Select the options that are installed on the machine.
  • Click the [Apply Changes] button.
  • Click to close the window.

Installing Sharp MX-7500N Scanner Driver

  1. Click the [Scanner Driver (TWAIN)] button.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions
  3. When the finish setup window appears, click the [OK] button.
  4. Click the [Close] button in the window of step 1.
  5. Click the [start] button, select [All Programs] ([Programs] in Windows 98/Me/2000), select [SHARP MFP TWAIN K], and then select [Select Device].
  6. Click the [Search] button.
  7. Select the IP address of the machine from the “Address” menu and click the [OK] button.
  8. Click the [OK] button.

Sharp MX-7500N Driver Download

Download |  MAC OS Driver for MX-7500N
Contains: Mac OS 10.8-10.11 Print Drivers

Download |  MAC OS Driver for MX-7500N
Contains: Mac OS 10.4-10.8 Print Drivers

Download |  Windows 32 bit OS Driver for MX-7500N
Contains: PCL, PS, PPD Drivers

Download |  Windows 32 bit OS Driver for MX-7500N
Contains: PCL, PS, PPD Drivers

Download |  Windows 64 bit OS Driver for MX-7500N
Contains: PCL, PS, PPD Drivers

Download |  Windows 64 bit OS Driver for MX-7500N
Contains: PCL, PS, PPD Drivers

Download |  Windows Software Option for MX-7500N TWAIN Scanner

Download |  Windows OS MX-PE10 Driver for MX-6500N | MX-7500N
Contains: Windows OS MX-PE10 Print Drivers

Download |  Mac OS Print Driver for MX-6500N | MX-7500N
Contains: Mac OS 10.4-10.9 Print Driver for MX-PE10

Download |  Linux Driver for MX-7500N
Contains: Linux/Cups PPD

Download |  Windows 32 Bit OS Driver for MX-7500N
Contains: PCL, PS, PPD Print Driver with Booklet Maker

Download |  Windows 64 Bit OS Driver for MX-7500N
Contains: PCL, PS, PPD Print Driver with Booklet Maker

Download |  Mac OS Driver MX-PE-10
Contains: Mac 10.7-10.11 Print Drivers

Download |  Windows WHQL OS
Contains: WHQL TWAIN Driver